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BtcAdshares is An Online profit sharing and Advertising Platform whereby our members and advertising purchase our advertising shares and profits generated from sales of these adshares are distributed evenly between members that own these shares every 24hours.

BtcAdshares is a compltely passive income opportunity whereby members purchase BTC Ad shares and get paid every 24hrs directly to their payment processor. Each unit of shares cost $10 and expires after a member have earned a total $15.00 . So every share a member own, he will make a net profit of $5.00. if a member owns $1,000 worth of ad shares, he will receive 5% of $1000.00 = $50.00 daily for 30 days. $50 x30 = $1,500.00. At the end of 30 days, the member who purchased $1,0000.00 AD shares worth would have received $1,500 thereby making a net profit of $500.00 . With no sponsoring or surfing required to earn . The system is 100% completely passive income ooportunity.

s guarantee you a steady Bitcoin income monthly, which ensures you to get your share of the future of digital money.

Minimum BTC Ad shares a member can own is one Ad Share and their are no limitations to how many AdShares a member can own. A member can own 1, 3, 5, 10 , 100, 500 or even 10,000. The more BTC Ad shares you own as a member, the higher your earnings.

It takes approximately 30 for each BTC Adshares to mature and return 150% profit per BTC Ad shares..

That is of course of the finest things about BTC AdShares. There are no limits to how much you can withdraw daily. our 100% completely automated withdrawal system make payment directly to your payment processor on daily basis. so you would never have to make a withdrawal request as your earnings are paid daily and directly to your payment processor.

As you create your account, you should please login to update your default payment processor. After you have finished doing that, whenevr you earned a referral commission, it will be paid instantly to your default ecurrency account. You also do not have to request withdrawal of referral commission. Its all completely automated.

Presently we accept, Bitcoin via coinpayment, Payeer and Perfect Money.

We highly reward our affiliates by paying them 15% referral commission in 3 levels, 7% on level1 purchases, and 5% on level 2 purchases, and 3% on level 3 purchases .

Unfortunately we do not encourage change of a members sponsor.

Yes you can, we do not have any restrictions on any country. We accept clients located anywhere in the world, this is the advantage and benefit of online money making opportunities.

Referrers do not need to have an active deposit on our site to be eligible to receive the referral commission!

No, you can not! This counts as cheating and all your accounts will be permanently banned!

There is no forced repurchase rule; members can withdraw all their earnings.

Please open a support ticket by navigating to the "Support" page and send us your questions. We will be happy to respond you within 72 hours (only during weekdays).

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